One of the most coveted spots in a store is the checkout counter. Consumers waiting on the checkout line are known to buy most products on this counter. Getting that spot for your product may be difficult, but standing out amidst the sea of products seeking the attention of the customer is a big deal. How can your product stand out on a checkout counter?


Before answering this question, you must know why your product needs to stand out on the checkout counter.

Why your product needs to stand out on the checkout counter

1.   Your visibility is increased.

The position of the checkout counter makes it a compulsory destination for customers of a store. The product on the checkout will surely be seen by the customers. When there is a long line, customers are forced to wait, and they may interact with your product. Thus, familiarity builds up with the brand, and this results in increased brand awareness.

2.   Your chances of customer engagement increases

The goods at the checkout counter and other strategic areas have more opportunities for customer engagement than other ones. This is because the customer is compelled to spend more time at those spots.


Also, interaction with the store employees concerning the products on the checkout counter is a common experience. The employee would be able to provide more information about the products and thereby increase the chances of purchase.

3.   Your chances of purchase increases.

Goods placed at the checkout counter have the probability of being purchased impulsively than products in other parts of the store. This has been explained to be caused by decision fatigue. A situation where the customer gives in to the urge to buy toward the end of his buying trip because he’s tired to resist. The chances of your product being purchased at the checkout counter increase if it calls the customer’s attention.

How to stand out at the checkout counter

1.   Make your product attractive

Appearance is a strong determinant of the success of your product on the checkout counter. Make your packaging material worth the bucks. Other products on the shelf would also be competing for the attention of the customer. To give yourself an edge, craft a distinctive identity, and enticing packaging for your product.

2.   Make your product self-explanatory

The enticing appearance calls the attention of the customer. Still, to keep that customer engaged, your product has to be self-explanatory. It has to contain the necessary information that would convince customers to make the purchase.

3.   Make your affordable

Most products on the checkout counter are low-priced and, thus, can easily be added to the pack of purchases. You give yourself a chance to get more sales if your product is affordable.


Having your product displayed on the checkout counter is not enough to make maximum sales. Your product should be of the best quality, and you have to make your product attractive and affordable for you to increase your chances of recording high sales.