Convenience store distributors are your ticket to getting your products on the racks and shelves of convenience stores. Searching for convenience store distributors requires that you have the right information about them.


There are many ways to get a convenience store distributor. One way is via an internet search. By using search engines, we can obtain relevant information about convenience store distributors. These searches require the use of the right search queries and keywords. Keywords from your product niche would help refine the search for better and specific results.


Another way to get a convenience store distributor is through distributor lists and directories. These lists contain information such as the phone number, email address, and physical address of the distributors. Stakeholders of the industry publish the lists. The access to these directories is usually granted after a specified payment.


There are online directories and offline ones. Offline lists are paperback directories that can be accessed in local offices, book stores, and libraries. On the other hand, a simple online search would give access to the online versions of these lists.


Online directories are credible sources for convenience store distributors because these lists are often updated. It is not the same for offline directories. They do not always contain up-to-date information about the distributors listed. And also, the list of distributors provided may be restricted to a specific region.


Asking the managers of convenience stores in your locality is another way you can get information to access convenience store distributors. This would help you identify convenience store distributors within your immediate reach.  Attending trade shows present opportunities to meet distributors personally.


Your search for convenience store distributors should be based on your specific needs, what kind of market reach you want, and your product goals. Because there are different types of convenience store distributors, and they operate in various manners. Full-service distributors sell different products to convenience stores, while specialized distributors only sell specific products.


If your product has a lot of identical products already in the market, it might be challenging to convince a full-service distributor to sell your product because they deal with a limited number of brands, 2 – 3 brands for each kind of product they sell. Your best shot might be with a product-specific distributor.


The hard part of getting a convenience store distributor for your product is pitching your product. You need to convince the distributor that your product is essential to his customers. You also have to prove to him that your product has a viable market performance.


One of the best decisions you would ever make for your products is getting the right convenience store distributor. Before you choose a convenience store distributor, make sure that your interests are aligned. You can only obtain the desired results if you have a mutual and beneficial relationship with your distributor.