The convenience retail industry is a huge market with limitless possibilities. Recent reports by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) reveal that more than 160 million Americans visit convenience stores daily. This means manufacturers and vendors of convenience goods have a platform for great sales. To benefit from these opportunities, there is a need for cost-effective strategies that would get their products on the shelves of convenience stores. The most suitable option is selling products through convenience store distributors.


Convenience stores depend on convenience store distributors and wholesale distributors to supply the products they sell to their customers. These distributors act as links between the manufacturers and the convenience stores.


For the retailers, the distributors ease the burden of dealing with many manufacturers for different products and give them access to a wide range of products with just a single deal. For manufacturers like you, distributors provide you with access to a network of retailers. You only need to negotiate with a sole distributor to get your products into scores of convenience stores.

How to find a convenience store distributor

But, how do you get a product to these convenience store distributors? You can call them, email them, and set-up a meeting to discuss your business deals. However, getting this contact information is a big deal.


Distributor Directories are your first-choice of sources for this information. There are many online sources for these directories, and some include MrCheckOut and WholesaleGrocers.  A quick tip to note is that some of these directories cannot be accessed for free.


Google can also be a great source of information. This process, however, requires finesse with keywords and search queries. Your search keywords should include your product niche and location so you can obtain the best result. You may use this format: ‘beverage distributors in Florida,’ ‘natural beverage distributors in Florida.’


The top results are often distributors that make supplies of those products. Get their contact details and contact them to know their business terms and conditions.

Pitching your Product

After locating a convenience store distributor, you need to convince them that your product is worth the bucks. Prepare a solid strategy that would persuade distributors that your product is worth selling to customers. For you to make a convincing pitch, your products must be in agreement with the logic of business, which is convenience.


A tip on how you can make a convincing and winning pitch is to find a way to show that there is a demand for your product. You can use data from retailers and marketplaces that demonstrates the need for your product.


Convenience stores are transforming from the old and dusty roadside stores to new and big outlets for everyday consumer goods with great sales possibilities. Your access to this goldmine is dependent on the right relationships with convenience store distributors.