Placing your products close to the register in a convenience store is an excellent strategy to get more sales. Goods close to the register are easily noticed by shoppers as soon as they walk in. What’s better, these goods are right there at the counter when customers make payment.

Usually, this marketing strategy works best for impulsive goods. That means products that captivate the shopper right on the spot without any previous contact. This is an obvious way to increase store profits.

This is also a remarkable way to introduce customers to new products. This technique is used to boost store sales, promote new arrivals, and improve customer loyalty to a brand.

However, no matter how good a marketing strategy is, there are some commodities it cannot help. We’ll, therefore, look at the recommended types of goods to employ this method for.

Everyday Products: Everyday products refer to essential goods used in our daily lives. As such, shoppers look at them whenever they come for a purchase. When such goods are displayed in a more visible section like the register, they are sure to make more sales. Remember that the key to the success of this system is the ability of the products to trigger impulsive purchases.

Impulsive sales are unplanned sales, made for a couple of reasons that range from the sudden fascination with a product or the realization that it is needed. However, as previously mentioned, these products must be handy and necessary household items. These include things like toiletries, toothpaste, newspapers, cosmetics, and general body care items.

Products with Contrasting Designs: Products that contrast with the shelves represent an excellent way to steal customer’s attention. If the shelves are dark-colored, items that have bright colored packaging are sure to grab the customer’s attention instantly.

Also, some brands are popular with customers. Customers do not deliberate much before buying their products. They are automatically compelled to buy them just by sighting the brand name since these are items that they will eventually need. Such products can be placed close to the register.

Another way to achieve these register line sales is to include self-explanatory products.

Products positioned on the shelves at the counter are sure to generate more spontaneous sales due to the value they offer, brand or packaging.

So, as you effect this particular marketing strategy, expect to see customers add to their shopping carts as they wait in line to make payments.